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Selected Works: March 2024

March was undoubtedly a fire-starter month for underground music. We’ve cut through the clutter with this sifted list of hot releases. Dive into the Selected Works playlist on Spotify or Soundcloud to listen through our favourite tracks.

Aroma Nice
‘Old Haunts’

Aroma Nice Old Haunts

Aroma Nice channels the spirit of 90’s underground with a raw and electrifying essence over glossy facades; it’s stripped-down to the genre’s core elements, concrete breaks with ethereal rhythms, creating a groovy, impactful, and hypnotic flow.

Released: 15 March 2024
Record Label: YUKU
Best Track: Moan

Discovery Zone
‘Quantum Web’
RVNG Intl.

Discovery Zone Quantum Web

Pixie-stardust of an album. New York-based multimedia artist JJ Weihl’s experimental, mystical-synth pop project, Discovery Zone, reveals Quantum Web, an album exploring themes of advertising omnipresence and corporate culture sterility through omnivorous compositions, encapsulating past, present, and future within an interconnected web.

Released: 8 March 2024
Record Label: RVNG Intl.
Best Track: Pair A Dice

Doc Sleep
‘Cloud Sight Fade’
Dark Entries

Doc Sleep Cloud Sight Fade

Dream-like polyrhythmic textures laced with influences of New York house, Berlin techno, and West-coast breakbeats bubble-up into an effervescent, funky little seven-track masterpiece courtesy of Berlin’s Doc Sleep.

Released: 8 March 2024
Record Label: Dark Entries Records
Best Track: Professor Eucalyptus
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Florian T M Zeisig
‘Planet Inc’

A1605585742 10

Spaced-out sonic interludes from Florian T M Zeisig, all handcrafted over late-night sessions spanning 2019 to 2022, produced against the backdrop of revisiting archived episodes of the late 90s German TV show Space Night.

Released: 1 March 2024
Record Label: STROOM.tv
Best Track: Lapis

Frank & Tony
Scissor & Thread

Frank & Tony Ethos 4

Sublime and buoyant house-focused curations from New York-based Frank & Tony – open and expansive sound reminiscent of crowded rooms pulsating with fellow revellers.

Released: 22 March 2024
Record Label: Scissor & Thread
Best Track: By The End They Will
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Gesloten Cirkel
‘I Live In The Midwest EP’

Gesloten Cirkel ‘i Live In The Midwest Ep’

Hottest cult property. Waves of killer electro from Gesloten Cirkel on the Barcelona-based, Dutch-rave-inspired label Selvamancer. It’s one of those records that turn into a filthy-rich classic. unmissable.

Released: 15 March 2024
Record Label: Selvamancer
Best Track: Everything For The Dev

‘Gravity Hill’
Smallville Records

Lawrence ‘gravity Hill’

Four classic, dewy droplets of lush, deep house grooves delivered right in time for the cherry blossoms of spring. On the record, sweet and bouncy textures cut through Chicago funk, operating as a total mood-setter.

Released: 1 March 2024
Record Label: Smallville
Best Track: The Swamp

‘Island Flow’

Molly ‘island Flow’

The very influence of the natural world has developed an organic signature on Molly’s productions that is impossible not to be moved by. Find subaquatic, hauntingly slow soundscapes inspired by the flow of The Liamone River or the legend of Liamone, one of the three brothers of Corsica.

Released: 8 March 2024
Record Label: Stólar
Best Track: Liamone (Philipp Priebe Reshape)

Monty Luke

Monty Luke ‘nightdubbing’

Extra slick dub-infused dance music-focused record from Monty Luke. A gorgeous, rave-primed body of music – hits the sweet spot in every play.

Released: 1 March 2024
Record Label: Rekids
Best Track: Nightdubbing

‘Endless Path of Memory’
Pensaments Sònics

Nexcyia ‘endless Path Of Memory’

Spanning 10-tracks, ‘Endless Path of Memory‘ sees Adam Dove construct an ambient leaning experimental soundscape that’s equally unsettling as it is gorgeous in its sonic fragility. Nexcyia employs the full length format as a means of exploring “themes of otherness and existential exploration” creating a balance between “despair and bliss”.

Released: 8 March 2024
Record Label: Pensaments Sònics
Best Track: Vanity Mirror

‘After Sunset’

Laenz ‘after Sunset’

Brooklyn-based Laenz’s debut album “After Sunset” on EMA’s fondly wub-dub candy store Woozy grabs attention by the collar. Obscure, eerie and severely low-end broken beat, dubstep deconstructions on a runtime of about thirty minutes dilute reality into an open-ended teaser of tense and physically alert, smokey reverie.

Released: 29 March 2024
Record Label: Woozy
Best Track: Ballad Before The Break

‘Learn To Fly / Segue’

Priori ‘learn To Fly : Segue’

Dainty threads of intricate sonic textures infused with dub techno from Montreal’s Priori surge the mind into altitudes of pure and ethereal joy. A small two-tracker dose of happy.

Released: 15 March 2024
Record Label: Learn To Fly
Best Track: Priori, Sabola – Learn to Fly

Banoffee Pies Records

Pugilist ‘serenity’

With a penchant for exploring bass music, on ‘Serenity’ Pugilist “leans in a new direction as jazzy down tempo feel good music” on his return to the Bristol imprint. Under the guise of a smoky, future noir aesthetic, ‘Serenity‘ sees Pugilist embrace a trip-hop sound across an 8-track LP perfect for late-nights and early mornings.

Released: 15 March 2024
Record Label: Banoffee Pies Records
Best Track: Signal

Rising Sun
‘The Eternal’

Rising Sun The Eternal 3

No stranger to dub techno, Rising Sun continues to venture into familiar territories of the genre, thoroughly satisfied to refine, polish, and perpetuate its timelessness.

Released: 15 March 2024
Record Label: Echocord
Best Track: Eternal 5
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Skee Mask
Ilian Tape

Skee Mask ‘iss010 Iss010’

There’s never enough of Skee Mask. Ever. Seven straight club cuts from Skee Mask—all meant to make the body sweat.

Released: 28 March 2024
Record Label: Ilian Tape
Best Track: Dub Schneider

‘Somewhere, Left Behind’

0n4b ‘somewhere, Left Behind’

Egyptian producers Rami Abadir and Mostafa Onsy join forces as 0N4B to release a collaborative album through Berlin-based label 3XL. Featuring suitably mystical cover artwork from Art Crime, ‘Somewhere, Left Behind’ delivers eight ethereal tracks spanning creepy ambient and downtempo experimental electronics.

Released: 20 March 2024
Record Label: 3XL
Best Track: Wherever you go, it follows

Warp Records

Squarepusher Dostrotime 2

Potent braindance electronics, sidewinding through acidic swathes of IDM, staccato Drum & Bass, guitar plucked ambiance and rhythmic noise. Rest assured there’s a lot going on – resulting in a fragmented journey through the mind.

Released: 1 March 2024
Record Label: Warp Records
Best Track: Wendorlan
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‘Worms Still Have To Eat The Dirt’
Nerve Collect

Teqmun ‘worms Still Have To Eat The Dirt’

Dutch plant biologist, Teqmun – real name Tijmen Blokzijl’s giddy revelations derived from investigations of mud and dirt in his garden, disruptively mutate to IDM, breakbeat, techno, and bass to comfort the discomforted and equally unsettle the calm and composed.

Released: 15 March 2024
Record Label: Nerve Collect
Best Track: Slug No Escargot

Will You
‘Miss The Madness’
Oleeva Records

Will You ‘miss The Madness’

Thanks to its overarching melancholic synths and effervescent drum work, resulting in an insatiable energy that is impossible not to move. This one drives the feet at an unwavering peak time pace. We cannot wait to hear what’s next from the budding producer.

Released: 1 March 2024
Record Label: Oleeva Records
Best Track: Miss the Madness (Original Mix)

Various Artists
‘Lost Paradise:
Blissed Out Breakbeat Hardcore’
Blank Mind

Lost Paradise Blissed Out Breakbeat Hardcore 1991 94

A breakthrough compilation, ‘Lost Paradise: Blissed Out Breakbeat Hardcore 1991-94‘ sprouts peripheral visions of glory, as cleverly intended, rough frenzied breaks on a big merger multiverse of 90’s nostalgia, curated with excellent taste by Sam Purcell and Tammo Hesselink for London’s Blank Mind label.

Released: 25 March 2024
Record Label: Blank Mind
Best Track: Escape – Escape (The Optical Mix)
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