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Music Video: Bézier – Entr’acte

Tying the music of Bézier with images of a figureless desert where organic shapes and saturated colours weave a fascinating canvas of quietude and eternity, Charles Ludeke delivers his compelling vision of ‘Entr’acte’, lifted from the San Francisco-based producer’s debut album on Dark Entries.

Beau Wanzer

Taking up the room between EBM, screwed-up industrial, broken hip-hop and further unidentified electronics, Beau Wanzer’s mix defies the notions of easy-listening and regular mix format. We sat down with the US based producer to discuss big-money studio gear, creative process and his absolute hatred for all things involving cottage cheese.

Solitary Dancer: Dualism

Montreal duo Solitary Dancer return with a vengeance on the continually gratifying Dark Entries, giving full vent to their sleek and sensual blends of cold wave-imbued synth melodies, neo noir ambiences and fast-flowing electro dynamics over three plus one full-on floor burners of the finest standards.

Maoupa Mazzocchetti and Beau Wanzer talk up ‘De-Bons-En-Pierre’

Gathered under the enigmatic name of De-Bons-En-Pierre with an exciting off-axis debut for Josh Cheon’s Dark Entries, L.I.E.S. very own analogue fiddler Beau Wanzer and French techno experimentalist Maoupa Mazzocchetti unite in a twopronged attack towards senseless standards and calibrated boredom on the weirdly mouth-watering ‘Crepes’.

Bill Converse: Warehouse Invocation

Following the release of Bill Converse’s stand out album in January, his latest 4-track EP on Dark Entries is enthralling from the the off, there is little, if any, to fault.