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Solitary Dancer: Dualism

After surfacing last year with a strong self-titled debut on Midland’s imprint Graded – the track ‘Desire & Apathy‘ was featured in his Essential Mix a bit ahead of that, Montreal duo Solitary Dancer return with a vengeance on the continually gratifying Dark Entries, giving full vent to their sleek and sensual blends of cold wave-imbued synth melodies, neo noir ambiences and fast-flowing electro dynamics over three plus one full-on floor burners of the finest standards.

Easing you into the neon-lit realms of ‘Dualism‘, the heavily sub-bass-equipped ‘Anything‘ brings the heat straightaway through a hooky arpeggiated buildup of compact synth stabs and hissy hats firing on automatic as a sighing, downcast male voice bewails over a lover’s loss. Moist, sinister boogie to the core. Completing the A side, ‘Losing Touch‘ wanders in more blustery after-rave grounds, binding abrasive seesawing synth lines and cyber-organic bleeps along a more propulsive electro-breakbeat hybrid swing to shift the sheer verticality of its momentum with a further welcome horizontal drive. A fine contrapuntal interplay reinforced by ominous vocals to keep the vibe pleasantly dismal to the fullest.

Flip sides and here’s certainly the EP’s most memorable cut in both vocal and vox-less versions. ‘Emails 2 Myself‘ shines with a glossy luster; fusing the glimmer of spangled strings soaring fast to better cascade in flats over a rushing, all-consuming italo bass comber that keeps bending the throttle for our greatest pleasure. Quite naturally, Marie Davidson’s bewitching voice gives all its meaning to the song and its greater haunting quality compared to the ‘Out Of Office‘ instrumental with some of the lyrics about Internet era fantasies and 56k sex chat lines being well worth the recollection: “I know you wanna feel my inbox baby“, “This is a new jerk-off area“… End-to-end steamy stunner from a duo that’s yet to disappoint.

Dualism is released via Dark Entries on 10th April, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Anything
A2. Losing Touch
B1. Emails 2 Myself (Feat. Marie Davidson)
B2. Emails 2 Myself (Out-Of-Office Version)

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