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Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri: La Equidistancia

Well, if you started a record label in the past few years this kind of Discogs comment on one of your releases would no doubt make you happy. And we couldn’t agree more. The A Strangely Isolated Place label began as a blog, electronic music community and all round go to spot for excellent melodic ambient music. Carefully curated by Ryan Griffin, ASIP has now deftly shifted from online presence and love of music into successful boutique record label territory.

It was as part of this original blog community that Leandro Fresco and Rafael Anton Irisarri were introduced and then maintained a long distance musical romance (living in Argentina and New York respectively) into which blossomed La Equidistancia. Here we find deep ambient of the most epic kind – with layer upon layer of undulating sound. A delicately unfurling liminal hinterworld at times as cold as the cover art, at others warm and embracing – as indicated by the track titles “Under a Sunset Faded“, “Between the Fog” and “A Horizon in Flames“.

ASIPV008 Vinyl Record MockUp 1000

"This is how great music should be released.
Music, artwork, packaging, quality wax."

As such this is a perfect match of Leandro Fresco’s warm melodies with RAI’s dusty tape looped explorations. Huge melodies burst resplendent from the still calm of “Lo Escencial Es Invisible A Los Ojos“. We find ourselves sweltering in the heat shimmer of Saint-Exupéry’s desert with “Las Palabras Son Fuente De Malentendidos” – a title culled from the classic “The Little Prince”, before meteorology confounds us and the wispy tendrils of fog wrap things up in the following track “Entre La Niebla“.

It’s perhaps notable that the track titles switch between cool and warm environments – an indication of two different personalities from two different areas of the world who, having never met face to face, still manage to craft a cohesive and beautiful package of music.

To order a copy on vinyl head to Bandcamp or Juno if you are Europe based and wish to avoid that hefty US postage!


A1. Cuando El Misterio Es Demasiado Impresionante, Es Imposible Desobedecer
A2. Bajo un Ocaso Desteñido
A3. Lo Esencial Es Invisible A Los Ojos
B1. Las Palabras Son Fuente De Malentendidos
B2. Entre La Niebla
B3. Un Horizonte En Llamas

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