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Rafael Anton Irisarri: Sirimiri

Shrouded in melancholic vapours and forlorn harmonics, Irisarri’s new album for Umor Rex presents four majestic extended cuts as so many viewpoints on an untouched phantasmal valley. Drawing its name from the Basque word for ‘drizzle’ – which makes absolute sense given the fine-grained, caressingly fresh nature of its sound design, ‘Sirimiri’ offers sensations in their purest essence, primitively symbolic yet actively contemplative.

Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri: La Equidistancia

Leandro Fresco and Rafael Anton Irrisari ’La Equidistancia’ released on Ryan Griffin’s A Strangely Isolated Place imprint is ambient of the most epic kind – with layer upon layer of undulating sound. A delicately unfurling liminal hinter world at times as cold as the cover art, at others warm and embracing.

Various Artists: Air Texture Volume II

CD 1 : loscil Selection
01 Brian McBride – At a Loss
02 Marcus Fischer – A Fifth Season
03 loscil – Else
04 Chris Herbert – Naimina
05 Pan American – Tx
06 Strategy – Frog City
07 Solo Andata – At Commissure
08 P Jørgensen – 401
09 Rob Bridgett – Field 3
10 Mitchell Akiyama – Dirge for the Canon

CD 2 : Rafael Anton Irisarri Selection
01 Marcus Fjellström – The Eroding (Fairytale Music 3)
02 Sawako – Hovering
03 Simon Scott – Modena
04 Library Tapes – Och natten andades redan under träden
05 Lissom – Hollow of Winter
06 Mokira – I love you pipecock
07 Benoît Pioulard – If I could possibly tell the difference, I wouldn’t care anyway
08 Eluvium – Sleeper
09 Kyle Bobby Dunn – La Passerelle de ses yeux
10 Rafael Anton Irisarri – Black days follow me around
11 Lawrence English – Cooperative Drift
12 bvdub – Surrender To Your Cold Embrace (feat. Wang Lijing & Lu Yan)