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Leandro Fresco & Rafael Anton Irisarri: La Equidistancia

Leandro Fresco and Rafael Anton Irrisari ’La Equidistancia’ released on Ryan Griffin’s A Strangely Isolated Place imprint is ambient of the most epic kind – with layer upon layer of undulating sound. A delicately unfurling liminal hinter world at times as cold as the cover art, at others warm and embracing.

Music Video: The Orb – Wireless (Leandro Fresco Mix)

Fresco’s music video for The Orb literally transports the viewer above and below the clouds, submerging you deep into an otherworldly scenario of mundane reality juxtaposed with sub-aquatic crustaceans, jelly fish and the majesty of a hungry Hippopotamus. Take a moment to switch off from whatever you are doing and let the music take hold of you.

Leandro Fresco

Leandro Fresco serves up an hours worth of Pop Ambient inspired music to help celebrate the release of his new album “El Reino Invisible”, the first release on Wolfgang Voigt’s newly established Kompakt Pop Ambient division.

Leandro Fresco: El Reino Invisible

For ‘El Reino Invisible’ we’re given the full Pop Ambient treatment, with a majestic sound sitting somewhere in between a demure, beat-less Ulrich Schnauss and a prolonged weepy existentialist comedown moment on a Tuesday.