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Fear-E lines up ‘Mechanical Music for Brighter Days’ on Dark Entries

Following the release of a 12-inch last February through Josh Cheon’s imprint, Glasgow-based producer Fear-E returns to Dark Entries at the end of July with ‘Mechanical Music for Brighter Days‘.

Consisting of six high-impact tracks of pumping techno and thrashing electro, Fear-E dishes up a solid slab of wax oozing with rave tendencies.  Highlights include ‘El Bimbo de Oro‘, ‘Gladiator Rhythm‘ and ‘New Cycles‘.

Scott McKay has been using the Fear-E moniker for the better part of the last decade to explore rave-inflected acid techno as both a DJ and producer. All tracks were mastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios and the rave influenced artwork is by João Ervedosa.

‘Mechanical Music for Brighter Days’ is scheduled for release 30 July via Dark entries. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. D10S
2. El Bimbo de Oro
3. Escape From The Hive
4. Gladiator Rhythm
5. New Cycles
6. Tinfoil Hat