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Premiere: Helena Hauff – btdr1123

Originally released two years ago via R. Loren’s multi-faceted Texas-based label Handmade Birds on limited cassette runs, Helena Hauff‘s ‘A Tape‘ is eventually seeing the light of day in the form of a double black plastic package thanks to Josh Cheon’s unflagging Dark Entries.

Not only witnessing her growth – these cuts had been recorded between 2011 and 2014 – ‘A Tape‘ also shines as an intense 3 year work-in-progress, urgent and feverish, hypnotic and foolhardy, tracing the early draft to what was yet to turn into the consistent and unique body of work Hauff’s been building since then: a multiverse rife with gnarled 303-heavy sound paths, new wave’y inclinations and untamed EBM grooves.

Taken from this mazy assemblage of dirt-track electro high jinks, abrasive synth ostinatos and more scopious kraut deflections – “mostly forgotten sketches left on the cutting room floor” Hauff says, our pick ‘btdr1123‘ lets loose on scratchy acid lines, jacking hat pumps and dusty delayed claps, all grinded through a concert of outerspacey bleeps. Straying away from 4/4 restrictions and calibrated patterns, Hauff demonstrates she’s always been that truly daring producer, hooked on equally mesmeric and off-standard squelchy acid boosters. Firebomb.

A Tape is reissued on vinyl via Dark Entries on 10th April, pre-order a copy from Juno.


A1. c45p
A2. hdowed
A3. For I Am Dead
B1. pps
B2. tape7
B3. Split Scission
C1. ff297-3
C2. btdr1123
C3. l#+#l
D1. $§”$43
D2. 29acid3
D3. yyh

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