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Premiere: 90 Process – Cops Call

Active for the past five years, Mattia Trani’s Pushmaster Discs has been tirelessly promoting an aggro brand of techno and other savage electro delicacies derived from the Underground Resistance heritage – pacey and muscular, reckless and strenuous, never quite beating about the bush when it comes to pushing the BPMs and turning basements upside down, always seeking immediate discharge and forceful impact.

Last in date to grace the grooves of the Bologna-based label, the mysterious French production duo 90 Process steps up with a fierce debut 12″ that’s sure to get you fit to drop without further notice. Rife with hi-NRG acid surges, punishing bass moves and all-out ravey drum patterns tailored for husky sound systems, ‘A Shot In The Night‘ rushes headlong into the murky alleys of some sordid urban pits, flashing light blazing and guns smoking.

Premiering in full through our channels today, the pulsating ‘Cops Call‘ is a steadfast broken electro roller tinged with jazzy accents and doped on old-school 303 arpeggios unfolding at breakneck speed. Time to do a bunk, the coppers are on your heels. Step up the gas and hug the sharp turns, this one’s bumpy as a Bullitt-like car chase through the steep streets of San Francisco. This rugged slab of punk tech feels the smell of burnt tyres, late night snacks and dubious nightly odours together. One for the ruffnecks.

A Shot In The Night EP is released via Pushmaster Discs on 28th April.


A1. Revival
A2. Cops Call (Vinyl Only)
B1. Hit’n’Jah
B2. Cops Call (Mattia Trani Remix)
B3. State Of Mind (Digital Only)

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