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Premiere: Fyodor The DJ – Ambient

Since its launch back in 2010, Adam Lundberg and Oscar Villata’s Geography Records has undoubtedly lived up to its juvenile, playful motto – “Geography is our name and house is our game“, playing a discreet yet significant role in the development of that exotic, disco-indebted vibism that’s become the trademark of the Scandinavian underground house scene and its numerous stalwarts over the years: Sex Tags Mania and UFO, Wania, Studio Barnhus, Full Pupp, Freakout Cult, Fasaan, Karlovak, Club No-No… the list is long.

Following up to a handful of blue-chip platters from Smallville head honcho Julius Steinhoff, Barnhus affiliates Shakarchi & Stranéus, high-fat tune maker DJ Fett B(i)rger (typo intended) and Canadian phenomenon Jayda G amongst others, hot-off-the-press and ready to hit stores in the next couple weeks, Geography’s anticipated new outing comes courtesy of Fyodor The DJ, a Malmö-based up-and-comer who we can only hope to hear a lot more about in the next months.

Hitting the mark in spectacular manner, Fyodor delivers a lushly flavoured seven-tracker brimming with Rhodes-heavy jazzy flexions, doing the rounds between south-American to Far-Eastern folk tropes, leafy field recordings, propulsive electro-tinged motifs and other breaks-loaded dynamics, stitched together by a hell of a widescreen vision that betoken an impressively mature sound for a 25-year-old fella’s debut actually recorded a few years ago, then carefully shaped and polished with the help of Lundberg and Villata to reach their present form.

Head in the clouds and feet shuffling, these seven sumptuously arranged pieces of blissed-out dance material fit right in line with Telephones’ luscious organic house groovers, lively and lulling, deep and forward-directed. It’s been a dilemma to pick one in particular but we finally went for the most meditative cut of the batch, the soberly-titled ‘Ambient‘, which – as its title suggests – offers a riveting mix of birdsongs, cooing and caws, tribal percussions and zenithal synth lifts to smoothly fly you above the canopy of an enchanted forest. Dreamy.

Neo Geo is released via Geography on 17th April, pre-order a vinyl copy from Juno.


A1. Accept
A2. Ambient
A3. NY
B1. Fluted
B2. Untitled Zone
B3. Baby
B4. 89989898

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