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Premiere: Imre Kiss – Shadow Universe

Spearhead of the amazingly gifted Hungarian new wave that’s been unfurling upon European dancefloors over the last few years, Farbwechsel has clearly been the number one asset in Budapest’s whopping comeback at the centre of attention. Founded and run by Alpár, Norwell, S Olbricht and SVR, the hyperactive collective turned label returns this spring to deliver their 22nd number and 3rd VA ‘Diverse Künstler Drei‘, featuring contributions from its whole founding crew along with supplementary content from Route 8 under his Q3A guise, Imre Kiss, 12z, A I W A, Mike Nylons and many, many more unheard new talents from the buzzing Magyar scene.

Our pick, Imre Kiss‘ lavishly-textured daydream will have you zoning out straightaway. Taking wing over bristly synth-scapes and grainy Amazonian panoramas, ‘Shadow Universe‘ is a trippy neo-tribal burner doped on trance’y saturations, flanged percs and subtle exotic drum taps. A proper hallucinogenic, mind-transcendent journey across chlorophyllian heights oozing heady flower perfumes and the fresh exhilarating air of greater altitudes, this one whomps the pleasure spot with maximum suavity. As Goethe so nicely put it, “Every tree, every hedge, is a bouquet of blossoms and one would fain be a cockchafer and float about in the sea of sweet fragrance.” Time for a dive.

Farbwechsel VA03 – Diverse Künstler Drei is released via Farbwechsel on 5th April.


1. Ashok Leylund – Nightwalk
2. Alpár – Wakayama
3. Kokum – December
4. FOR. – Alles Im Ordnung
5. Imre Kiss – Shadow Universe
6. Q3A – One Frag Left
7. J. Mono – Latt
8. Mike Nylons – Gymnazion
9. 12z – Katajjaq
10. S Olbricht – Tell Me Dorothy
11. Fischerle – Oldsmobile
12. Yinna – 3228 H
13. Norwell – Burial Ground
14. Új Bála – Tension Form
15. Svr101 – 101ex626_5
16. A I W A – Gazed And Composed
17. Zlatko Baracskai – Phaphiga

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