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Premiere: Pépe – Good Morning Good Night (Rings Around Saturn Remix)

Incepted last year with a debut delivery from emerging Brazilian producer CoastDream, French label Renascence kept its promises with a pair of top notch outings courtesy of high-rated up-and-comer Realitycheck and undercover talent Max Mode, who you certainly know better than you think. Up next in the label’s growingly assertive catalogue is the mysterious Pépe.

Bathed in jacuzzi-warm, hearts-and-flowers ambiences, this ‘Motorforce‘ EP melds the coziness of supine balearic grooves with proper fiery jacking house beats and nostalgic piano motifs. Teleporting yourself into some verdant tropical jungle in the blink of an eye, as a lushly-textured symphony of birdsongs, heavy bass swash and rousing vibraphone portamentos welcome you with open arms, it sure is a mouthwatering menu that Pépe serves up here, danceable and pensive in equal measure.

Sinking into further ambient-friendly depths, Australian whizz Rory McPike puts on his cosmos-ready outfit as Rings Around Saturn and delivers an immersive revamp of the sun-kissed ‘Good Morning Good Night‘. Gliding in aqueous dubby waters, in between the steep and colourful reliefs of a lush ocean floor with its vibrant flora and fauna, RaS’s rework is a serious treat for the senses, both soothing and stirring, clear and opaque, quiet and intimately troubling. Just let it flow.

Motorforce EP is released via Renascence in May 2017. 


A1. Bay Moon
A2. Good Morning Good Night
A3. Good Morning Good Night (Rings Around Saturn Remix)
B1. Motorforce
B2. Belleville

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