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Premiere: Kilchhofer – Zahnen

If deep house has become such a thing, with people being so keen to immerse themselves in nostalgic feel-good ambiences, it’s certainly because of a natural inclination of our tortured minds to seek shelter in comfortable and harmless folds; the kind of stuff of that dreams are made of one naturally thinks, evanescent and utterly brittle in equal measure. Who’s not in need of a soothing haven these days?

Unfortunately, as with all “pleasing” forms of expression that somehow seem to fill widespread existential gaps comes its lot of trite, formulaic echolalias and ceaselessly rehashed idiosyncrasies that may not bother the hardcore aficionado but will often leave the listener eager for really unique sonic experiences weary and unimpressed. That said, if few labels manage to helm deep house into really new, untrodden horizons these days, Marionette is certainly one of them and it’s quite something given their scarcity.

Following up to releases from a cast of serious contributors in the persons of Giegling affiliate Deer, Laurine Frost, Maxim Wolzyn and Kilchhofer – whose tour de force of a debut ‘Dersu‘ achieved raising the label above the par in stunning fashion, Marionette are back with ‘Acosta‘, an eight-track split courtesy of Kilchhofer and the enigmatic Hainbach, which makes for the first iteration of a newborn series, Little Mary, said to focus on split EPs and collaborative work.

Picked from this vibrant ode to our cosmos and the beauty of organic sounds from the wild, Kilchhofer’s digital-only bonus cut ‘Zahnen‘ invokes the finest of tribal house and ambient tropes, meshing a sense of druidic mystique and sun-worshipping afro jazz swing into some incantatory conjuration of the elements; concretely mineral and lushly vegetal, transportingly aery and flowingly liquid. Beautifully arranged, its fine interlacing of subtle drums, brisk claps and reverse-built strings will draw you into a splendid weald where everything seems to fall in its right place – you, first. Be one with nature.

Acosta is released via Marionette in May 2017, pre-order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


A1. Kilchhofer – Aska
A2. Kilchhofer – Russ
A3. Kilchhofer – Suckfuell
A4. Kilchhofer – Uzala
B1. Hainbach – By the Motorway, by the River
B2. Hainbach – Heart of Darkness
B3. Hainbach – I Be Electric
B4. Hainbach – Counterpoint
X1. Kilchhofer – Zahnen (Digital Bonus)
X2. Hainbach – Glueck (Digital Bonus)

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