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Kilchhofer Anklin: Moto Perpetuo

‘Moto Perpetuo’ tends to blur the lines between musical composition and studio production. By crafting pieces that rely on the entire stereo field, Kilchhofer Anklin rewards close listening.

Kilchhofer: The Book Room

‘The Book Room’, Kilchhofer’s new collection of modular synth jams, takes us through dreamy panoramas of tropical exotica, alpine warmth and moonlit glades with plenty of highlights to spare along the way. Over a monolithic 74 minutes and 20 songs, this ecocentric debut album demands an immersive, uninterrupted listen.


A mesmeric trip down memory lane, this one will immerse you in a world of stunning textural pieces, extended dub stretches and further leftfield tribal-like oddities; the ideal fit to the strange atmosphere of wintery days in the countryside. We sat back with Marionette label boss Ali Safi aka Grimwig to discuss his journey, from the imprints first steps through his teamwork with visual artist Jake Fried, onto his plans for the future.

Burnt Friedman: Dead Saints Chronicles EP

To enter the intricate skeins of textured envelopes and tangled polyrhythmic drumwork of Burnt Friedman’s sound imaginarium is to abandon yourself to a one-off, mind-expanding experience. Eerie and majestic, this new EP from the German master on Marionette is yet another stunningly immersive piece to a kaleidoscopic puzzle of a catalogue.

Kilchhofer: Dersu

Marionette’s fourth release arrives from Swiss producer Benjamin Kilchhofer, better known for his work on Holger under the alias Timoka. The sounds of ’Dersu’ derive from modular synth patches and Kilchhofer’s own field recordings, continuing Marionette’s association with idiosyncratic melodies and analogue overtones.

Maxim Wolyzn: Affirm, Deny, Reconcile

In its supple and beguiling tones, ‘Affirm, Deny, Reconcile’ presents itself as enjoyable, if un-showy, example of a continuing movement towards slower BPMs and looser ideas of what constitutes dance-music.

Laurine Frost : A Fading Virtue By Passing Time

Frost is a producer with an ear for unusual compositions and Marionette a platform for those with ambitious vision. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait another year until we hear what Marionette have for us next.