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Premiere: Giraffe – Vapour

Converging from outlying musical parallels, Sascha Demand (guitar), Jürgen Hall (keys) and Charly Schöppner (percussion) come together as one with their 2017-incepted project Giraffe. Now the sole object of their studio experiments, the trio surfaces on Marionette in November with its third album in two years, ‘Desert Haze‘, just a few months after ‘Shine And Dark‘, released via Belgian imprint Meakusma.

An endearingly meditative listen throughout, the album takes us on a hypnotic drift across textured soundscapes and understated percussive interplays. As its title suggests, our pick ‘Vapour‘ brushes a rivetingly peaceful tableau of zen-like cascading drums, aqueous riffs and ambivalent pads, swinging the pendulum between faded nostalgia and post-jazz stasis. An eloquent epitome of the German outfit’s unique savoir faire in fat-free sound design and downtempo hypnotics.

Desert Haze is out now via Marionette, order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Drought
2. Deception
3. Heat
4. Vapour
5. Pressure
6. Glare
7. Stone
8. Gravel
9. Sand
10. Ice
11. Salt

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