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Music Video: MinaeMinae – Nackenwirbel

Following the release of his hypnotic tribalistic and polyrhythmic album ‘Gestrüpp‘ on Marionette, Stuttgart-based multimedia artist and producer MinaeMinae delivers a documentary style music video depicting the small-scale production process of synthetic nodding dogs at a factory in Germany.

The video switches between footage of the workers and close ups of the machinery used to produce the ‘kitsch’ figurines. Throughout the video, rhythm is composed and maintained by subtly capturing the movements of workers hands and feet juxtaposed with the figurines.

‘Nackenwirbel’ was produced by Die Glitzies, consisting of Nina Werner, Bernd Schoch, Simon Quack, André Siegers.

‘Gestrüpp’ is out now on Marionette. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Flossensäume
2. Luftschöpfen
3. Vertilger
4. Nackenwirbel
5. Urmünder
6. Flügelhüllen
7. Algenüberzug

ArtistLabelReleased13 March 2020Genre