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Burnt Friedman traverses emotional landscapes on Newtype Rhythms

Burnt Friedman is a composer who knows no bounds – he’s certainly not pigeon-holed to a genre, sound, or scene – Friedman is a chameleonic figure that traverses general conceptions and makes music that is first and foremost, true to himself.

Whether it be traveling between the universes of free jazz and tribalism, to ambient and noise experimentation – the German producer has consistently been fresh for two-plus decades by simply never standing in place. Whether it be releasing on his own label Nonplace or others such as Latency, or most recently Marionette, his music beckons the curiosity of attentive listeners.

Unafraid of misconceptions, he takes the same focus towards crafting mixes – meshing percussive meditations with eerie synth cryptology, all whilst knowing that the journey will be nothing short of satisfying. That’s why it makes sense that he’d stop by Newtype Rhythms – as the show has been encouraged out-of-the box mixes time and time again; taking listeners to task on opening their minds to something that’s beyond any sort of club environment.

As always, host and resident Sheepshead starts things off in a contrasting manner, by pounding out higher-tempo tracks from the likes of Anastasia Kristensen, Boom Boom Satellites, Celestial Trax, Shanti Celeste and more. His mix provides a stark contrast to Friedman’s – which features material from Badawi, Frank Zappa, Herbie Hancock and a few more surprises.

For further listening we suggest Drums Off Chaos ‘Compass’ EP on Nonplace, scheduled for release 22nd September 2017 – featuring frequent Friedman collaborator Jaki Liebezeit.


00:00 – 38:49 – MIXED BY SHEEPSHEAD

01. Celestial Trax – Reflection
02. Pinch & Shackleton – Rooms Within a Room
03. Ryan James Ford – Misled Youth
04. Jerome Hill – I Know
05. SW – Untitled B3
06. Shanti Celeste – Hinoki
07. Matthew Herbert (feat. Villa) – Brand New Love (Special Request Remix)
08. Tobias Schmidt – No One
09. Yalessa Hall x Malin – Second Lucas (Mosca’s Pure Joy Version)
10. Boom Boom Satellites – Joyride (Luke Slater’s Basil Brush Boom Mix)
11. Anastasia Kristensen – Going Back In Time
12. Kangding Ray – Nuis Octury


01. Mohammad Reza Mortazavi – Bubbles (Flowfish)
02. The Living Room – Room Service (Nightvision)
03. Frank Zappa – Amnerica (Zappa Records)
04. Badawi – Voices From The Sky (Roir)
05. Goat – Scapegoat Track 4 (Headz)
06. Alghoza Du Sind – Duo De Percussions (Arion)
07. HAT – Uptown Pulldown (Otodisc)
08. Wolff Parkinson White – Anal Jesus (Nineteen-Eight)
09. Herbie Hancock – Nobu (CBS/Sony)
10. Placid Angels – Beauty Of Life (Dot)
11. Simon Fisher Turner – Pitanga (Mute)

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