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Nachtdigital Flex

In its 21st year, Nachtdigital has no plans to grow up. With playfulness at its root, the festival creates an environment in which performers and partygoers can let loose. Here’s our personal account of our first ever experience (inc. photos and videos) of Nachtdigital.

Burnt Friedman: Dead Saints Chronicles EP

To enter the intricate skeins of textured envelopes and tangled polyrhythmic drumwork of Burnt Friedman’s sound imaginarium is to abandon yourself to a one-off, mind-expanding experience. Eerie and majestic, this new EP from the German master on Marionette is yet another stunningly immersive piece to a kaleidoscopic puzzle of a catalogue.

Burnt Friedman

Burnt Friedman serves up an hours mix of hypnotic polyrhythms, dubby corridors and cerebrally ­stimulating audio patterns. Friedman also speak about why 2015 is likely to be a busy twelve ­months for him and his label Nonplace.