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Kilchhofer Anklin: Moto Perpetuo

‘Moto Perpetuo’ tends to blur the lines between musical composition and studio production. By crafting pieces that rely on the entire stereo field, Kilchhofer Anklin rewards close listening.

Kilchhofer: The Book Room

‘The Book Room’, Kilchhofer’s new collection of modular synth jams, takes us through dreamy panoramas of tropical exotica, alpine warmth and moonlit glades with plenty of highlights to spare along the way. Over a monolithic 74 minutes and 20 songs, this ecocentric debut album demands an immersive, uninterrupted listen.

Kilchhofer: Dersu

Marionette’s fourth release arrives from Swiss producer Benjamin Kilchhofer, better known for his work on Holger under the alias Timoka. The sounds of ’Dersu’ derive from modular synth patches and Kilchhofer’s own field recordings, continuing Marionette’s association with idiosyncratic melodies and analogue overtones.