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Selected Works: March 2024

March was undoubtedly a fire-starter month for underground music. We’ve cut through the clutter with this sifted list of hot releases. Dive into the Selected Works
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Best Releases: April 2016

Our April roundup is here and all set to disclose some of the past month’s finest fragrances! The selection makes for a bracing shower of hefty floor artillery, washed-out smooth sailers and other shady night hunters. Get locked!

Banoffee Pies

As the release of their new compilation ‘BP004’ grows closer, we caught up with Banoffee Pie residents Autumn and DRB to talk hot-off-the-press newness, Prince’s passing and Ell even went for a well-thought-out Brexit examination.

Baking House with Banoffee Pies

Fresh off the launch of their third disco-house assortment, we caught up with Ell and Sandy to discuss the label’s raison d’être, Bristol’s music legacy as well as their latest outings and further projects.