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Pugilist prepares ‘Serenity’ LP on Banoffee Pies Beats Series

Melbourne-based producer Pugilist (Alex Dickson) follows up a productive 2023 with a return to Banoffee Pies Records, marking the fourth release on the label’s Beats Series.

With a penchant for exploring bass music, on ‘Serenity’ Pugilist “leans in a new direction as jazzy down tempo feel good music” on his return to the Bristol imprint. Under the guise of a smoky, future noir aesthetic, ‘Serenity‘ sees Pugilist embrace a trip-hop sound across an 8-track LP perfect for late-nights and early mornings.

Where previous releases conjure the darkness and murk beneath the good time club atmospherics, ‘Serenity‘ exists in the spaces between the escape of the chill room and the stark reality of the bleary walk home.

‘Serenity’ is scheduled for release on 15th March via Banoffee Pies Records. 


1. Serenity
2. Premonitions
3. After8
4. Conversion
5. Signal
6. Alignment
7. Tessa Beat
8. Creme

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