Our April roundup is here and all set to disclose some of the past month's finest fragrances! The selection makes for a bracing shower of hefty floor artillery, washed-out smooth sailers and other shady night hunters. Get locked!

Best Releases: April 2016

Heads up! Our April roundup is here and all set to disclose some of the past month’s finest fragrances! From Max D’s longed-for album to Wilson Tanner’s ambient extraordinaire onto Fabio Monesi’s umpteenth particle accelerator, the selection makes for a bracing shower of hefty floor artillery, washed-out smooth sailers and other shady night hunters. Get locked!


1. Max D – Boost [Future Times]
2. Workdub – Workdub [Music From Memory]
3. Fabio Monesi – Pipe Dreams [Wilson]
4. Stéphane Laporte – Fourrure Sounds Vol.2 [Antinote] – Read Feature
5. Buttechno – 7 [Collapsing Market] – Read Review
6. Richard Sen – Resistance Through Rituals [Emotional Especial]
7. J-Zbel – Hyena Sticks Head In Elephant’s Butt [BFDM]
8. Africaine 808 – Everybody Wants To [Golf Channel Recordings] – Read Premiere
9. Wilson Tanner – 69 [Growing Bin Records]
10. 2030 – Prescience [CLFT]
11. Nuel ‘Unveiled’ [Latency]
12. VA – BPRSD01 [Banoffee Pies]
13. Giorgio Luceri – Space Fire Truth [Uzuri] – Read Premiere
14. VA – Tracks Volume 2 [Cititrax]
15. Marcello Napoletano – Destroyed Ass [UN.T.O.] – Read News
16. NGLY – NGLY [L.I.E.S.]
17. DJ Overdose meets O B Ignitt – Dead City [Berceuse Heroique]
18. Jun Kamoda – The Clay EP [Mister Saturday Night] – Read Review
19. Facta – Alsatian [Bloc.] – Read Feature
20. Wulffius – In The Pines’ Crowns [Wicked Bass]

Artwork by Elisa Grand