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Nuel: Unveiled

Rich of a multiplicity of listening levels and quite unfathomable deepness, Nuel’s music is creating a unique, alienated intimacy with its listener. For they are so unfettered and carefully textured, it’s fair to say these tracks haven’t finished to drip-feed their penetrating fragrance.

Best Releases: April 2016

Our April roundup is here and all set to disclose some of the past month’s finest fragrances! The selection makes for a bracing shower of hefty floor artillery, washed-out smooth sailers and other shady night hunters. Get locked!

Sidney & Suleiman

Ahead of the Workshop x Latency show in Paris on Friday with Kassem Mosse, Madteo and Even Tuell we caught up with label owners Sidney and Suleiman to discuss label operations and the highlights of Paris.

Madteo: Raveyard Shifts

Anxiety is over, or has it just started growing on you? One thing is sure, Madteo’s paranoid cuts lost nothing of their fearful charm.