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Selected Works: March 2024

March was undoubtedly a fire-starter month for underground music. We’ve cut through the clutter with this sifted list of hot releases. Dive into the Selected Works
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IA MIX 349 Sofie Birch

As part of our partnership with Intonal Festival, we’re elated to share a mix by Copenhagen-based sound artist Sofie Birch, who has a fascination of healing
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Pablo’s Eye: Spring Break

The 8 tracks here feel assembled as much as arranged, designed as much as composed. Sounds have undoubtedly been picked for their audio quality, but they’ve been layered on the canvass in the way a painter uses colours.

NSRD: Workshop For The Restoration Of Unfelt Feelings

Although not explicitly protest music, the very existence of NSRD was an act of defiance, their bold experimentation a franticly impassioned attempt to assert identity. Listening now, the 1980s context is not obviously apparent, but the strive for individuality comes through in amazing clarity.


We caught up for a quick-fire chat with Belgium based artist Nosedrip as he opens up on the width of the Belgium scene and gets us to discover the story behind his unique approach to music.