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Smallpeople: Afterglow

Smallpeople deliver gorgeous bridges between lofty house and vibrant dance floor burners, a way to celebrate life, providing give-a-toss who’s watching me dance music.

Jacques Bon

With less than a month to go until Farr Festival, Jacques Bon provides a potent mix of deep house, psychedelic disco, church bells and experimental electronics giving us a hint at his highly anticipated deejay set at Farr Festival.

L’Amour Fou: Dujuan

Dujuan is not a surprise nor is it a revolution. Instead it offers the kind of well-crafted and beautiful spins on deep house we’ve been waiting for quite some time, whilst the genre seems to have reached a through as of late.

Jacques Bon talks up Smallville’s new record store in Paris

Following our Inverted Audio x Smallville Records party last Friday with Jacques Bon at Peckham Springs, we sat down with Jacques to discuss his new record shop in Paris located on 26 Rue du Château d’Eau, which he opened on 4th January 2017 with a special launch party featuring Move D, Julius Steinhoff and Smallville’s famed illustrator Stefan Marx.

Moomin On A Minor Thought

We spoke to Sebastian Genz aka Moomin over Skype to discover more behind the makings of his new album ‘A Minor Thought’, his introduction into producing music and his approach with using samples to create his distinct blend of deep, soulful house music.