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Jacques Bon

Jacques Bon is a DJ, producer and owner of the Smallville Record Store in Paris. He has released music on Giegling, Beats In Space, Mule Musiq and of course Smallville Records. Over the past couple of years we’ve formed a close friendship, thanks to his generous hospitality and for letting us setup shop in his record store for a few late night lock-ins.

Last summer we invited Jacques to perform at the debut edition of Inverted Audio’s stage at Farr Festival and this summer we are delighted to welcome him back for a three hour DJ session at our stage Campfire Headphase on the opening night of the festival for a deeper than deep session with TelfortOzel AB and our very own in-house vinyl slinger Antepop.

With less than a month to go until Farr Festival, Jacques provides a potent mix of deep house, psychedelic disco, church bells and experimental electronics giving us a hint at his highly anticipated deejay set.

His mix was recorded in-store during a rainy afternoon in Paris. This time there’s no interview or track list to accompany the mix, but if you want to discover more about the man, then check out our feature from 2017 in which we talk about his recently opened record store in Paris.

Jacques Bon plays for Inverted Audio at Farr Festival 2018 on Thursday 5th July alongside Antepop, Ozel AB, Telfort. Tickets are on sale now.

Photography by Tom Durston

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