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Jacques Bon

With less than a month to go until Farr Festival, Jacques Bon provides a potent mix of deep house, psychedelic disco, church bells and experimental electronics giving us a hint at his highly anticipated deejay set at Farr Festival.

Watch the music video to Antenna “Primavera May” on Beats In Space

Tim Sweeney’s Beats In Space imprint have shared a music video for Antenna’s ‘Primavera May’, directed by Serena Forghieri – Made up of video glitches re-arranged in scrolling mosaics of pixelated colours then superimposed over actual paintings, the pastel imagery suits the pair’s melancholic yet resilient elixir of vaporous house perfectly.

Best Music Videos of 2015

This year we felt that a lot of up-and-coming artists who we didn’t know last year made their mark with plenty of potential to be explored in depth. Here’s our pick of the best music videos of 2015.

Best Albums of 2015

From hallucinogenic ambient techno to jazz-infused electronic and bold lo-fi house groovers onto unearthly deep-house gems, these are our favourite albums of 2015.

Palmbomen II: Palmbomen II

Just when words like analog, lo-fi house and ‘recorded straight from hardware’ become so ubiquitous that they make you want to go foetal and listen to precision-engineered techno in a padded cell, along comes an album like Palmbomen II to take the wind right out of your sanctimonious sails.


Paradis might be one of the most ambitious projects to come out of France in recent years. With a new album in the works, we decided to catch up with Simon and Pierre to discover more about their musical background, new album and sophisticated yet romantic approach to music videos.