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Watch Palmbomen II video ‘Carina Sayles’ taken from forthcoming album

Palmbomen II is set to release his new self-titled album through Tim Sweeney’s New York-based record label Beats In Space on March 3rd 2015.

The Dutch producer – currently based in Los Angeles – created the album using vintage ​hardware and recorded the output to a mono tape recorder. As you can imagine, this technique gives the sound a saturated lo-fi feel. If you enjoy the music of Blondes or SFV Acid, you’ll surely fall for Carina Sayles. The video serves as the sequel to a previous LP video teaser Leo Danzinger – both were directed by Palmbomen himself.

Leo Danzinger and Carina Sayles introduce us to young people dreaming away their days, discussing being and liberation. In Carina Sayles a man, almost mad up in drag, practices tai chi on the beach – giving a flavour of the surreal allure in Palmbomen’s music. When working on the album Palmbomen was strongly influenced by the haunting realities of nineties’ science-fiction and you’ll notice that in the tracklist – he takes names from various characters from The X-Files.

Palmbomen II is set for release on 3rd March 2015, pre-order the album from RVNG Intl.



​1. ​Peter Tanaka
​2. ​Cindy Savalas
​3. ​Lorraine Kelleher
​4. ​Teena Mulder
​5. ​Carina Sayles
​6. ​Samuel Aboah
​7. ​Mary Louise Lefante
​8. ​Vic Trevino
​9. ​Gerd Thomas
​10. ​Caitlin Ross
​11. ​John Lee Roche
​12. ​Jesse O’Neill
​13. ​Rebecca Waite
​14. ​Leo Danzinger

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