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Paul Marmota: Aire

Paul Marmota projects the interplay between our minds’ fantasies fueled by the Internet, video games and the omnipotent media and compares them to the brutality of everyday life which can come scarily close to these illusions.

Gaining momentum with The Cyclist

We caught up with The Cyclist aka Andrew Morrison to discuss his new Hot House EP released this week on Music Is For Losers and 100% Silk.

Jam City: Dream A Garden

The reserve and normality of Dream A Garden render it an unsatisfying outer by-product of Jam City’s inner shift. The ideas are fresh and daunting but ask this incredibly talented artist to further shape them into a body of cohesive new aesthetics.

Torn Hawk: Let’s Cry And Do Pushups At The Same Time

Using a technique he calls video mulch Wyatt blends found footage with cuts from popular films and scenes recorded by the artist himself. You could always sense an ironic approach in Wyatt’s visuals but his LP feels on the contrary – candid and emotional.

Les Sins: Michael

Michael is a solid release but still Chaz Bundick’s weakest to date. It needs to be said the palette of sounds on the album is very rich…yet as a whole the album feels a bit mundane and tends to lose momentum.

Grouper: Ruins

Liz Harris has crafted a piece of art that asks for full engagement. It’s all about intimacy and confession.