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In Perspective: Solune talks up his new EP ‘The Hierophant’ on Secretsundaze

With the release of Solune’s third EP on Secretsundaze just around the corner, we seized the occasion to have a chat with Etienne as he opens up on the making of ‘The Hierophant’, his evenly-matched love for infectious dance floor rhythms and transcending atmospherics, and gives further insight on his studio methods and current setup.

VERTV Records

For this weeks mix we shine light on a new record label from Paris, VERTV, operated by a solid group of gents with varied tastes and differing influences, but who all have a deep involvement and love for the music scene. EV4NS, Hybu and Neue Grafik serve up a swashbuckling back-to-back mix.

Mei Tahat: Dayworld

On their impressive debut for Berceuse Heroique, Czamanski and Shay weave a head trip of anarchic jazz-funk, opiated brass-laden grooves and warped kosmische motifs. The result is a deconstruction of functional dance archetypes and expected rhythmic forms through a digressive string of druggy, mind-altering jams of the finest ilk. Stream I:Cube’s disco remix within.

Sunfall: Rising light on London’s festivals

With an air tight line up spanning quality across many iterations of dance music, along with a sincere pledge from its organisers to provide high-grade audio across the park, there was a strong indication you’d truly get what you paid for at Sunfall.