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Premiere: Uffe – Not Around

In their own words, On The Corner Records specialise in “genre breaking, border crossing bangers from beyond”. It’s an apt description of the kind of worldly eclecticism peddled by the London-based imprint. As the name suggests, their new Double Drop series sees the label putting out two EPs as part of each release. Thankfully, doubling the quantity has not resulted in a drop in quality.

The first of these double drops features ​Petwo Evans, an artist from Wales with a particular interest in found sound percussion, and Uffe, a Copenhagen-based producer and pianist whose next full-length is set to arrive via On The Corner Records in just a couple of months time.

Having released on labels including Delusions Of Grandeur and Tartlet Records, as well as recording IA MIX 170, Uffe may be a familiar name to some of our readers. While Uffe’s records might often be filed in the house section, that perhaps does a disservice to the scope of his output. With a dubwise thud, shimmering keys and understated vocals, today’s premiere is a good example of Uffe’s ability to concoct alluring hybrid strains.

‘Double Drop EPs Vol 1: Uffe/Petwo Evans’ is scheduled for release 4 June via On The Corner Records. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


Uffe – Not All The Stars

1. Not Around
2. Automatic Remote Control
3. All The Stars

Petwo Evans – Bootstrap

1. Lock 10
2. Scratchy
3. Dr Rhythm
4. Gyroscope