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Coby Sey lines up debut album ‘Conduit’ on AD 93

South East London-based producer Coby Sey will release his debut album in September on AD 93.

Following collaborations with Tirzah, Mica Levi and Klein – over the past half decade Coby Sey has worked tirelessly on developing his avant-garde blend of experimental electronics, abstract beats and illbient lyrics – releasing music through CURL and showcasing his efforts with Tutto Questo Sentire‘s at their ‘Exercises of Displacement‘ events in 2019 at Camden Arts Centre and FOLD.

Spanning 8 tracks, ‘Conduit’ is a sonic amalgam of Sey’s past and present, spanning ambient, free-jazz, post-punk, leftfield and beats. Highlights include ‘Night Ride‘, ‘Response‘ and ‘Eve (Anwummerɛ)‘.

‘Conduit’ is scheduled for release 9 September via AD 93. Order a copy from Bandcamp

Photo by Ksenia Burnasheva 


1. Etym
2. Mist Through The Bits
3. Permeated Secrets
4. Dial Square (Confront)
5. Night Ride
6. Onus
7. Response
8. Eve (Anwummerɛ)