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Exercises on Displacement 4/5 Rian Treanor, Akihide Monna, Coby Sey and TQS Collective

On Saturday 21 September, the fourth edition of Exercises on Displacement will take place at Camden Arts Centre offsite venue on 5-6 Cork Street in Mayfair, London – consisting of a site-specific programme of live performances, screenings and discussions by interdisciplinary artists.

The first part of the evening (16:00-18:00) will present an environment organised by the TQS collective, consisting of a presentation of archive video materials, a selection of films and an open conversation moderated by curator Elaine Tam addressing the role of the artist and curator in relation to themes of displacement (6pm). The second part of the evening (18:45 – 21:00) presents a non-stop sequence of live performances.

This event marks the fourth edition of a five-part series, curated by Tutto Questo Sentire, an artist-run platform that brings together a group of international researchers to reflect and explore their own personal practices in relation to the experience of sound. TQS was founded in 2014 by visual artist Rebecca Salvadori, experimental opera singer Olivia Salvadori and composer / cellist Sandro Mussida.

Exercises on Displacement is co-produced by Thirty Three Thirty Three and is supported by Arts Council England, the Italian Institute of Culture and Roberto Lombardi. Inverted Audio is an official media partner and we will be sharing further details as the year and events progress.

Film Screening

George Finlay Ramsay (UK) – Book of Regrets: For Kamchatka, 2019
Sofia Mattioli (IT) – EEG Waveforms, 2015
Dustin Lynn (US) – Isola featuring Brittany Bailey, 2015
Leah Walker (UK) – Urchinis Paris NYE’ 18/19, Fairbright Beach 1066’19
Niko Solorio (US) – Luminous, 2019
Rebecca Salvadori ( IT)


Olivia Salvadori (Voice) + Coby Sey (Electronics) + Akihide Monna (Drums)
Clare Salaman, Vicki Swan (Nyckelharpa) performing Sandro Mussida
Rebecca Salvadori + Leah Walker, Footage live (AV)
Niko Solorio (Voice, AV live)
Nhu Xuan Hua (Staged Performance)
Rian Treanor (Electronics) + Karl D’Silva (Saxophone)