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Premiere: effgee – I’d Like To Say

While discussions around the soulful potential of electronic music are stale to say the least, in effgee’s productions, the extent to which house music can be imbued with a sense of liveness and vitality is truly apparent.

For effgee (real name Felix Guth), groove plays an important part in his music. This may have something to do with the artist’s background as a drummer and also the inspiration that he draws from soul and jazz. Across the tracks on his new EP, the groove is certainly a defining element.

Good Morning’ arrives via fellice, the artist’s newly-minted label that will allow him to combine both his interests in music and design. Of the three tracks on the release, our pick is ‘I’d Like To Say’, a slow-burner of a track filled with melancholy pads and some crafty sampling.

‘Good Morning’ is scheduled for release 3 September via fellice. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

1. Place
2. Move You
3. I’d Like To Say