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Premiere: Felipe Gordon – Right Beside Me

Following the ‘Cody Currie’ EP in December 2023, Brooklyn-based label Razor-N-Tape return with the four-track ‘Flutes Of Gold‘ EP – courtesy of Bogotá-based multi-instrumentalist Felipe Gordon.

After tons of releases on various outputs such as notorious British label Shall Not Fade, Quintessentials, Rotterdam-based label Royal Oak, Toy Tonics, Local Talk and Phonica’s sublabel Karakul, ‘Flutes Of Gold‘ portrays a languorous love affair between Felipe Gordon and the pulchritudinous wood nymph Syrinx with peaceful oceanic acid, bossa nova polyrhythms and Detroit-style deep house.

Our pick for the premiere is ‘Right Beside Me‘ – a sultry zephyr dance of melancholy featuring deep house synthesizers, field recordings from a far away point of embarkation, jazz republic melodies and elegant drum rhythms accompanied by laidback croons. As good as your old fireplace in the living room, it never gets jaded.

‘Flutes Of Gold’ EP is scheduled for release on 9th February via Razor-N-Tape. Order a vinyl copy from Bandcamp.


1. Felipe Gordon – Flutes of Gold
2. Felipe Gordon – Right Beside Me
3. Felipe Gordon – Homage to Bossa
4. Felipe Gordon – Acid Party at Santa Barbara