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Carousel Records launch crowdfunding campaign to fund Berlin record store

Owen Howells and Mike Davis have launched a Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to fund and establish Carousel Records, a physical record store and events space in Berlin.

Owen Howells is no stranger to adventure. Having started his music career hosting the Shades parties in London, riding on the Zeitgeist of the exciting melting pot of bass and techno that spawned as a counter-movement to dubstep’s EDM haemorrhage, before upping sticks and finding a new home in the electronic music Mecca that is Berlin.

The latest chapter in this tale is evolving on two fronts; the first being the creation of the Carousel Records imprint, which debuted with Benjamin Wood’s concrete re-enforced Zone/Interzone, and the second being the launch of the Carousel Indiegogo campaign, an ambitious project to raise £20,000 to bring a brand new record store to the streets of Berlin in September / October 2015. Naturally Carousel will be more than a space for racks of wax, it will also double as a community area and an events and exhibitions venue.

The campaign has launched and there are several tiers of reward for the prospective investor; from first order discounts, obligatory tote bags, exclusive tracks from the Carousel and Shades crew and a place on the show-piece investors wall that will become a permanent fixture in the shop.

Inverted Audio will also be following the journey with an Instagram photo journal as Owen goes through the motions of getting the project off the ground, plus we will be catching up after the project to hear how it went and get an insight into the tension of that ever encroaching deadline (6th August 2015).


“Carousel, if successfully funded will be a great asset to Berlin’s rich cultural and musical landscape. Forgive me for the cheesy wording but it really is so much more than a record store. We aim to create an engaging community space, connecting people at a local and global level in the name of music and community.” – Owen Howells