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Cera Khin & Christoph De Babalon join forces on LazyTapes second instalment

Incepted last year with a top-notch debut offering courtesy of label forewoman Cera Khin and well-known Bristolian bass figure Ossia, LazyTapes return with their second split-mixtape, featuring a “once-streamed, never archived live recording that aired on Cera’s Noods Radio show” from seminal dark ambient junglist Christoph De Babalon, backed up by a “late-night selection of suitably ethereal music from her own record collection“. Most definitely a mouthwatering menu.

The tape’s black side finds De Babalon blurring the line between off-axis rave material, anxiogenic atmospheres and his usual palette of raw-boned junglisms and further fractured rhythms. Sieving these elements through a sooty, passive-aggresive sound design only he holds the secret of, this mix reels out as a 55-minute odyssey across the darkest crannies of CDB’s multiversal set of scales.

Flip the tape onto its red verso and there’s Cera Khin dishing out “a potent dose of shimmering underground classics, rare editions and an exclusive preview of the forthcoming Peder Mannerfelt 12″ on LazyTapes“. Deftly navigating steep audio courses, Cera throws in a hefty baggage of feelgood tunes, ’80s-entrenched oddities and further adrift moody digressions. As the press release accurately sums up, this one’s for “the freaks, oddballs and deep sea swimmers“. Get yours!

LazyTapes 02 is out now, order from Rwdfwd. Only 100 cassette copies available so act quick! You can also cop some wicked exclusive tees over at this link.


Side A. Christoph De Babalon
Side B. Cera Khin

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