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Claire Rousay up next on Shelter Press with ‘Everything Perfect Is Already Here’

San Antonio-based experimental producer and sound artist Claire Rousay will release her next album in April through French imprint Shelter Press.

Consisting of two intimate 15-minute compositions “that cycle between familiarity and unknowing” the album features contributions from Alex Cunningham (violin), Mari Maurice (electronics and violin), Marilu Donovan (harp) and Theodore Cale Schafer (piano).

Together they deliver a tender sound collage of ambient and experimental music with “melodies that weave gently in and out, sometimes steady, sometimes aching, sometimes receding altogether in deference to less overtly musical sounds.”

‘Everything Perfect Is Already Here’ is scheduled for release 22 April via Shelter Press. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. It Feels Foolish to Care
2. Everything Perfect Is Already Here