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Tadd Mullinix returns as Dabrye, lines up ‘Super-Cassette’ on Ghostly International

Six years since his previous album, American producer Tadd Mullinix returns as Dabrye in March with a beat laden tape album named ‘Super-Cassette‘ on Ghostly International.

Tadd Mullinix created his Dabrye alias in the late 90s as a hip-hop alter ego, a sonic wild-style that weaved together the laid back vibes of midwestern hip-hop and east coast boom bap, the futuristic funk of Ummah-era Jay Dee, and the calculated subtlety of Detroit dance music.

Consisting of 13-tracks, ‘Super-Cassette‘ comprises of instrumental hip-hop tracks, referential yet modern, providing a back-to-basics tape and a multi-styled update to the minimalist sound Mullinix has crafted since his breakthrough album ‘One/Three‘ in 2001 on Ghostly.

“In a reflective headspace, he started sampling from a tape he made in high school, returning to old techniques, flipping the reel backward, bouncing and re-pitching across a Casio SK-1, delay pedals, and tracker software. Like muscle memory, strengthened by knowledge and experience, Mullinix employs the cassette as his instrument. At first blush, it may scan as loop music, but over time, the sensation lands more linear; every measure brings a slight variation, the rhythms double, and the grooves deepen.”

‘Super-Cassette’ is scheduled for release 6th March via Ghostly International Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. The Most Deliciousest
2. Yaya
3. Toiler on the Creek
4. Ring the Cellarman
5. Uncanny Tales (The Score)
6. Cascades
7. Swamp Lord
8. Bug Copped Village Gini
9. Fantastic Clouds
10. Whoever Got You’s Gonna Get Got Too
11. Gammy’s Full Split Heals
12. Pearlclutcher
13. Rigby’s Dram