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Squarepusher lines up ‘Dostrotime’ on Warp Records

Even among Warp’s vaunted catalogue of artists, the return of Squarepusher is always going to be met with righteous anticipation. Three years since the release of ‘Be Up A Hello‘, Tom Jenkinson returns in March with his latest studio album.

Spanning 12-tracks, ‘Dostrotime‘ conjures an amalgamation of potent Braindance electronics, sidewinding through acidic swathes of IDM, staccato Drum & Bass, guitar plucked ambiance and rhythmic noise. Rest assured there’s a lot going on – resulting in a fragmented journey through the mind and domain of Squarepusher. Take it from us, ‘Dostrotime’ does not disappoint.

‘Dostrotime’ is scheduled for release on 1st march via Warp. Order a copy.

Photo by Caspar Stevens


1. Arkteon 1
2. Enbounce
3. Wendorlan
4. Duneray
5. Kronmec
6. Arkteon 2
7. Holorform
8. Akkranen
9. Stromcor
10. Domelash
11. Heliobat
12. Arkteon 3