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De Grandi provides a knockout mix for Newtype Rhythms

When it comes to compressing the maddening frenzy of a club night into a sound, look no further than the now-Brussels-based producer De Grandi.

As one of the progenitors of the Bérite movement, Nicolas De Grandi took his time forming the future-proof sounds of Paris’ underground, splashing influences domestic and international into something that is elephantine and luminescent simultaneously in sonic form.

That itself is already a gargantuan task when it comes to creating your own tracks, but when that mixture of elements gets distilled into a guest mix, you know you’re going to hear something truly extraordinary.

Consider it done when it comes to this week’s edition of Newtype Rhythms; as De Grandi delivers a belter of a mix. Whether it be moving from dancehall to electro, jungle and even farther – this 100+ minute session from the lad is something to behold.