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We are proud to announce our media partnership with Derelicht, a three part series of electronic music events in the south east of England.

Earlier this month we were approached by Derelicht founder and curator Gavin Mee to help promote his vision of creating three unique electronic music events in Suffolk.

The concept behind Derelicht is a composite of musical integrity, sensory exploration and promotion of the electronic arts. Derelicht aims to achieve this vision by fusing abandoned spaces and redundant architecture with innovative 3D mapping, light and visual installations to provide a totally immersive environment where some of the best electronic musicians from the world of house, techno and electronica can thrive.

The first Derelicht party is with Sian, Auntie Flo and ThermalBear on the 15th June, the second is with James Zabiela and Tom Demac on 27th July and the third is with Âme of Innervisions and Will Saul of Aus Music on 31st August. All three events will take place in secret locations on the outskirts of Ipswich.

By using abandoned structures, architecture and spaces not normally associated with electronic music they hope to create mind blowing backdrops that will provide a uniqueness and sense of exploration for each event. These parties are one off events in unique environments. If you’re bored of going to the same club time after time and want to rekindle that sense of adventure, Derelicht is without doubt the destination for you.


DERELICHT 01 – Sian / Auntie Flo – 15th June
DERELICHT 02 – James Zabiela / Tom Demac – 27th July
DERELICHT03 – Ame / Will Saul – 31st August

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