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DJ Heartbreak shares Buy Music Club playlist ahead of 12 Years of Inverted Audio

Ahead of our 12 Year Anniversary at ÆDEN on Friday, DJ Heartbreak assembles a Buy Music Club playlist of tracks that represent a part of his sound and influences at this moment.

DJ Heartbreak is an obsessive record digger equally adept at playing tops off as he is playing Autechre b-sides to a crowd of 5 with the lights off. Often genre flipping between acid bangers, Detroit house, tricksy techno or knackered Sheffield bleeps, you can expect an abundance of mind-melting tracks that no one’s ever heard of.

“I like switching between style, tempo and genre as its a challenge to navigate those 3 elements. If a track makes me move, has a groove and complex rhythm or has feeling, I’m interested. That’s why my style is not easy to describe…I can’t quite put my finger on it…the situation, mood or space dictate which tracks make the most sense. Only one rule: Es gibt nur ein Gas!”

Tickets are available via Inverted Audio. If you require assistance with your purchase, contact Ticket Support.


1. Bambounou – Craig.py
2. Hoshina Anniversary – Hakkenden II
3. CS + Kreme – howwouldyoufeelwithoutthatthought
4. YOUTH – Skhs Pt.9
5. Eszaid – First Class Dub
6. Shotta Tapes – .
7. Mike Parker – Two Step Sweep
8. Progetto Tribale, Donato Dozzy – Disco Strat
9. TIBSLC – Delusive Tongue Shifts – Situation Based Compositions
10. Konduku – Yukarı

12 Years Of Inverted Audio