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DJ Sprinkles & Hardrock Striker forge a new collaborative project ‘Skylax House Explosion’

DJ Sprinkles and Hardrock Striker have announced the release of a new project, teaming up as ‘Skylax House Explosion’ (S.H.E) and have prepared a mammoth mix release drawn from Striker’s record label Skylax.

The two members of S.H.E. have prepared a mix each for the upcoming two disc mix CD, which precedes a three-piece vinyl compilation featuring previously unreleased music curated by the pair. The compilation will reportedly form a template for future projects under S.H.E., which is one in a number of outings partnering Skylax Records and Comatonse Recordings, the label run by Terre Thaemlitz since 1993.

Sprinkle’s contribution is said to channel “an all at once energetic and subdued sonic pallet – much like her work as Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion (K-S. H. E) – presenting a mix that leans heavily on the sound of the straight-up house that the label is known for, but saturated in references to Paradise Garage, The Loft and the ballrooms of Midtown Manhattan.” Hardrock Striker’s side is said to draw from label signees of the more recent past, such as Jason Grove, Octo Octa, Fuckthegovernment.Ltd and Urban Inc.

“SKYLAX HOUSE EXPLOSION” is scheduled for release 28th May 2018 on Skylax. Order a copy here.


CD 1

1 Garage Shelter – Soul 2 Soul (An Outro)
2 An Expresso – Club Called The Garage
3 Jason Grove – John Blue
4 Nick Beringer – Gasp
5 Simoncino – Inga’s Creme (Chez Damier Morning After Mix part One)
6 Soul System aka Nicholas – Everything Must Change
7 Sameed – Bad You
8 Damien Zala – Shake Vibration
9 F.T.G. & Belfie & Alex Tea – Public Enemy
10 Joey Kay – All Night
11 Lady Blacktronika – Right Direction
12 Carlos Nilmmns – Gwen’s Song
13 Violence FM & The Underground Soulsavers – Soleil Mauve

CD 2

1 Lady Blacktronika – Again See Spring
2 Sinan Kaya – What’s Mine
3 Urban Inc – Beatdown
4 Jason Grove – Streets
5 Love Island – A feelin’
6 Octo Octa – We Will Be Together Forever
7 Rosenhaft – Voyager
8 Octo Octa – We Will Be Together Forever
9 Concept e25 – What Did You Say
10 Kuba Sojka – Walk On Moon
11 Groove Riddim Featuring Nathaniel X Project – The Difference
12 Niko Marks – Real Funk Don’t Die
13 Signal ST – Bongo Trax
14 Mike Sharon – Free Your Mind
15 Garage Shelter – Attempt (Lonely Heart dub)
16 Peter Black & Hardrock Striker – Dreamtime

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