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Onto Records unveil echo-conscious documentary ‘Faire Résonner’

Following the path of early acousticians, the documentary ‘Faire Résonner‘ explores dirty frequencies inside the former maternity unit of the Caen Regional Hospital in France.

While scanning the abandoned structure, Thibault Jehanne and the experimental band Veik join forces with a wide range of unexpected field recordings.

Using a Tascam portable recorder and a variety of other microphones, the noise syndicate transforms empty spaces into audiophile havens. As part of the experiments, stones were thrown from the roof, sick bays were infused with Moog sounds and drums were tapped on mutant steel pipelines.

As antagonists of the perfect reverberation, the research aims to find beauty in nasty vibrations. The entire groundwork culminated in ‘Les Premières Réflexions‘, the effect unit developed from it.

Veik concludes with a performance in the middle of the maternity ruins – surrounded by annihilating crawlers – utilizing previously recorded samples twisted on the Roland SP404SX, lyrics inspired by fertility posters, and Prophet-esque synthesizer frequencies.

A film by Veik and Thibault Jehanne
Directed by Mathieu Lion
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