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Download Antepop’s downtempo mix feat. Madteo, Florian Kupfer, Jan Jelinek

Antepop dishes out an all vinyl mix aimed at the more experimental side of electronic music that fuels Inverted Audio.

Featuring new cuts from Leafar Legov on Kann Records, Florian Kupfer’s ‘Unfinished‘ EP and Heiroglyphic Being’s new album ‘The Disco’s Of Imhotep‘ on Technicolour Recordings, plus a new track from Seekersinternational’s debut album ‘LoversDedicationStation‘ on Bokeh Versions.

The mix also features music from Madteo, Adolf Noise, Anton Zap, Even Tuell, Jan Jelinek, Omar-S, Objekt, Aphex Twin and more. 100% vinyl.


1. Madteo – Vox Your Nu Yr Resolution [Sähkö Recordings]
2. Florian Kupfer – Erika [Technicolour Recordings]
3. Adolf Noise – M.i.s.s. UFO ’72 [Buback]
4. Anton Zap – Party Down Dub [Millions Of Moments]
5. Seekersinternational – MeetMeAfter [Bokeh Versions]
6. Even Tuell – Digidawn [Latency]
7. Leafar Legov – Cenote [Kann Records]
8. Jan Jelinek – Tendency [~scape]
9. Florian Kupfer – Elle [Technicolour Recordings]
10. Madteo – Dead Drop (When I Saw You That Nite) [Sähkö Recordings]
11. Omar-S – Desert Eagle [FXHE]
12. Hieroglyphic Being – Sepulchral Offerings [Technicolour Recordings]
13. Objekt – The Stitch-Up [Stitch Up]
14. Aphex Twin – CheetahT7b [Warp Records]

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