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Dwig shares retrospective mix with self-produced animations

Giegling affiliated producer Dwig, real name Ludwig Völker, has uploaded a 2-hour mix to his YouTube channel accompanied with self-made animations.

Spanning 21 tracks, ‘birth of prophets (live in heaven)‘ features music from his past discography, plus track revisions and a sprinkling of new productions. To accompany the mix, the German producer has produced a limited edition organic ring-spun t-shirt, which can be purchased from Next Prophets.


1. birth of prophets
2. music for xxx
3. leave to return
4. who knows
5. piece of music
6. have to go before you´re gone
7. you´re
8. some breath
9. charlie in my garden
10. was this heaven
11. praise and dissapear
12. what´s paradise
13. orange morning
14. pyramid mountains
15. made on earth
16. forgot the pink
17. apple or egg
18. un/important things
19. from there to here

20. newstimegoodtimes
21. endtitle