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Florian Kupfer issues lathe-cut 12″ and lines up ‘Lifetrax II’ cassette album on Ediciones Capablanca

Following a self-released album in 2021, Berlin-based producer Florian Kupfer marks his return with a limited edition lathe-cut 12″ and full-length cassette album on Ediciones Capablanca.

Press rewind to 2013, a young German producer going by the name of Florian Kupfer stepped up on Ron Morelli’s blossoming L.I.E.S. imprint with a debut 12″ featuring a new classic – the extra vibey ‘Lifetrax‘ – that would soon become one of 2013’s highlights and an anthem of the self-established ‘lo-fi house’ community.

A decade later, Kupfer steps up to release ‘Lifetrax II‘, a full-length foray into hypnotic, minimalist electronics “veering from rugged electro & industrial rhythms and fractured noise to disorientating drone and provocative samples of consumerist critique and plundered media.”

CS II‘ is our pick from the album, a jagged two stepper with ample swagger and experimental dub vibrations fused with otherworldly vocals, chords and earth shattering synth stabs. This one contains all the feels.

Lifetrax II’ is said to be “an ambitious work of crude, outlying dancefloor exhilaration and resonant, enigmatic experimentation. Low-slung, upfront, relentless distillations of EBM and techno, as well as uniquely rendered incursions of electro and industrial music, sit side by side with delirious vignettes of defective drone and noise.”

‘About U’ is out now, ‘Lifetrax II’ is scheduled for release July 7 via Ediciones Capablanca. Order Cassette from Inverted Audio Store. Digital from Bandcamp

Photo by Oleksandra Trishyna


1. Postsynaptic
2. Valiant
3. CS II
4. Proxima
5. Disintegration
6. Black Cat
7. CRS
8. Dereliction
9. Nabemba
10. Stress Test
11. Raphe Nuclei
12. Oxytocin

Florian Kupfer Lifetrax Ii