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Hardbody with Vladimir Ivkovic, Capablanca, Antepop, Nommo Hunzuu

On Friday 2nd December Hardbody head to Canavan’s Pool Hall in Peckham for a night of off-kilter experimental electronics from Vladimir Ivkovic, Capablanca, Antepop and Nommo Hunzuu.

Born and raised in Yugoslavia, witnessing the peak of alternative culture and disintegration of the society in his formative years, Vladimir Ivkovic played a pivotal role in Belgrade’s early underground parties, soundtracking surreal gatherings with experimental noise and cult recordings.

A long-time resident at the seminal Salon des Amateurs club in Düsseldorf alongside Lena Willikens and Tolouse Low Trax, the man behind label Offen Music, Vladimir Ivkovic’s legendary sets and recorded sessions have gained him a cult reputation amongst a widening circle and seen him play at some of Europe’s most iconic venues.


Since 2008 Capablanca has run the Discos Capablanca label, a hub for off-beat artists like Scott Young, Mutant Beat Dance, Keita Sano, Sharif Laffrey (Love on the Rocks) and Grackle (aka Willie Burns), connecting the dots between disco, kraut, mutant house and psychedelia.

Capablanca has turned in some powerful originals, remixes and collaborations on Cómeme, Correspondant, Astrolab, Gomma and Discoteca Océano, and together with friend Marc Piñol, responsible for arguably one of Hivern Discs most regarded releases under the C.P.I moniker – ‘Túnel / Proceso’.

Antepop is the DJ alias of Tom Durston, founder and editor-in-chief of Inverted Audio, his selections give full vent to extended blends of electronics, rugged techno and deep house, drawing in the far-reaching scope of Inverted Audio’s coverage.

South East London-based record collector and DJ, Nommo Hunzuu, tuned into sounds of earthbound emissions and otherworldly signals, empowered by decades of house, techno and electronica. Nommo is resident at London club-night Nibiru and played alongside the likes of Lord of the Isles, Linkwood, Otologic, Scott Fraser and Scientific Dreamz of U.

Ahead of Hardbody, download this new vinyl only techno mix ‘Panoptique‘ recorded by Antepop.


1. Lee Gamble – Kuang Shaped Prowla [PAN]
2. Design A Wave – III [Alien Jams]
3. Eduardo De La Calle – Akenaton School [Mule Musiq]
4. DJ Richard – I-Mir [Dial]
5. Eduardo De La Calle – Phineal Gland Photoreceptor [Mule Musiq]
6. Nina Kraviz – Prozimokampleme [трип]
7. Bored Young Adults – Check Up From The Neck Up [The Trilogy Tapes]
8. Eduardo De La Calle – The Sudama Song [Nonplus]
9. Karenn – Summer [Works The Long Nights]
10. Annanan – Fear And Love [LL.M.]
11. Function – Disaffected [Sandwell District]
12. Rrose – Mirror [Eaux]
13. Sigha – The Politics Of Dying [Our Circula Sound]
14. Marcel Dettmann – Lattice [MDR]
15. Aphex Twin – CHEETAHT7b (45rpm) [Warp Records]
16. Lukid – Blind Spot [GLUM]
17. Lee Gamble – Head Model [PAN]
18. Peder Mannerfelt – The Great Attractor [Hinge Finger]
19. rkss – Drive [Alien Jams]