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Premiere: Togethrs – RawDawg

Hailing from Chicago via Philadelphia, These Things Take Time is an up-and-coming label whose fresh take on lo-fi house and off-grid techno patterns shall instantly strike a chord with all appreciators of the warm, tape saturated wind that’s been blowing over the scene for the last couple of years.

Gathering contributions from an international network of young, emerging talents that goes from UK producer Mattiik. to Argot affiliate Maxine & Cleo onto Chicago based Ian Lawl and many more intriguing prospects, all sweeping a broad scope of floor-devoted material with the twin city’s top-flight heritage in the rearview.

Our premiere comes courtesy of the enigmatic Togethrs, whose soundcloud mentions for only personal detail that he operates out of “Soufh Beach“… Carried by relentless onslaughts of 303 and sun-baked pads layered with a firm but light touch, ‘RawDawg‘ is a massive mojito-flavoured thermal weapon. Give up on your ski-suit, it’s time to grab the surfboard.

Compilation Vol.001 is released via These Things Take Time on 18th November, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Mattiik. – Underneath
2. VCL – Playgroup
3. Maxine & Cleo – Dj Dre
4. Togethrs – Rawdawg
5. Ian Lawl – Hollywood Astral
6. Detach – Jazz Stuff
7. Leja Hazer – Swim Inside
8. 1989 – Unknown Memory
9. B. Hayes – Dark Thoughts in A Fluorescent Room

Discover more about Togethrs and These Things Take Time on Inverted Audio.